Investing Made Easy With Copy Trading

Join ZuluTrade and invest in the largest Copy Trading community, discover the top Traders from all over the world, copy their strategy and receive their trades in real-time to your investment account.

What is Copy Trading?
Copy Trading is a method of choosing Traders and following those who have more experience and a larger success rate with their trading strategy. As a trading system, (also known as Mirror Trading) Copy Trading replicates signals from Traders, in real-time. This process is automatic and is up to the investor to decide how they would like to approach copy trading. A Copy Trade tends to focus on assets within the forex market, cryptocurrencies and other financial markets.

What are the Benefits of Copy Trading?

Learn how others succeed
Copy Trading is a great way to learn how global markets operate. Learn from other experienced Traders who have their signals strategies with trading forex, stocks, crypto or other financial instruments.
The adage “Not putting all your eggs in one basket” is great advice and can potentially increase your profitability. Copy Trading allows you to choose among diversified Strategies built from combinations of the best Traders.
Protect your Capital
Copied Trades on Zulutrade can help limit potential losses with ZuluGuard, an account protection feature that monitors each Trader\'s behaviour and automatically removes a Trader when detecting a trading strategy that has deviated from its expected loss profile.
Invest with limited market knowledge
You don’t need to know everything about USD/Bitcoin or even the global markets to start your trading journey. You simply follow the Traders who have experience with the markets and when they do well, you do well. It’s that simple.
Build a passive investment
Copy Trading is easy to monitor and doesn’t require a lot of forethought or effort: follow the Trader after assessing their strategy, investment levels and risk appetite. Best of all, it’s something to do whenever it’s convenient for you.
Save Time
Copy Trading saves you time as you don’t need to be constantly looking at the markets 24/7. This is because the Signal Providers who trade for a living and know the markets trade for you.

Copy Trading vs Manual Trading

Features Manual Trading Copy Trading
Trade like a professional with little Trading experience
No icon
Yes icon
Learn from other successful traders
No icon
Yes icon
Watch professional Forex, Stocks or Crypto masters trade
No icon
Yes icon
Diversify your portfolio to keep risks at a minimum
Yes icon
Yes icon
Choose a trading strategy that suits your style
Yes icon
Yes icon
Less susceptible to shifts or unpredictable economic events
No icon
Yes icon
No need to monitor trades multiple times throughout the day
No icon
Yes icon

How to Get Started With Copy Trading in 4 Simple Steps

Open a trading account or sign in to ZuluTrade
First, sign in to ZuluTrade if you have an account otherwise create a real or demo account and select a brokerage from a wide range of Forex Brokers.
Open the Top Trader’s tab
Simply go to the Trader’s tab on our website and browse the best Trader that would suit your risk appetite and investment levels, check what they’re trading, their performance and track record
Select the Trader
When you’ve found the right Trader, select the follow button, choose the funds you wish to invest and your preferred risk.
Start your Copy Trading Journey
Hit the follow button again, and you are now Copy Trading. You now will begin to copy the positions of the Trader you have just followed.

Features of our Copy Trading Platform

A powerful tool that allows users to test their selected trader’s performance according to the Settings of their account.
A prized feature on ZuluTrade is The Automator. You can set rules to lock profit, update Stop/Limit for selected trades, close profitable trades or notify you of any significant changes on the markets.
A unique user-friendly feature that protects Copy Traders if erratic trades are opened by Traders they are following. An excellent risk warning management addition.
Social Trading Network Chart
Here you can review signal providers, look at Traders to copy, offer advice, explore trends visually and ask questions. Helpful for first-time Traders to find out useful information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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